The task given to us was to create a short suspense sequence, and plan, film as a group, whilst editing it individually. This was so that all of our editing techniques and styles were displayed, while producing multiple pieces of work.

The first shot used is a mid shot ,this is done so that the audience can see the character and to understand the setting, while familiarising themselves with the main character. Slow paced eerie music is placed over the top of this shot to create tension and convey danger to the audience. The young girl is shown doing homework, this is because through my research, I learnt that it was important to start at equilibrium so that supernatural occurrences seem more ominous. A close up of the phone is used shortly after as an action code; to move the narrative along.

Due to the unconventional high-key lighting to the horror genre, I feel although I used sound and cinematography in very strong ways. The soundtrack accompanying the whole sequence acts as a narrative enigma as although it starts at equilibrium, the sound is making the audience question what will happen, while also conforming to the horror genre. Furthermore, the whisper sounds and screams also conform to the horror genre while also causing the audience to question what the creature following the girl is and what they are doing.