The Research that I have done has helped to influence my planning when understanding the use of cinematography and mise-en-scene within the horror genre. Firstly, I closely observed opening sequences from films such as Insidious and American Psycho, this helped me to further my knowledge of the iconography within the horror genre. Within the Insidious trailer, a children’s bedroom is used, this inspired me to also use a children’s bedroom in my opening sequence because I now fully understand that it promotes vulnerability, which conforms to the horror genre.


As well as this, low key lighting is a typical feature of horror, as highlighted within the insidious trailer also, and so I shall use this convention when filming my own sequence.

Titling within American Pyscho, san serif black font is used throughout all of the titles. Although thin black text is atypical when looking at horror conventions, from looking at this piece, it has helped me to understand the importance of using the same font throughout to give my sequence a sense of identity.  American Psycho also uses typical conventions such as blood and weapons (knives), which