screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-22-46-30Katie Jones’ Character is a young dead girl who has come back from the grave to haunt her mother as she feels although her death was her mothers fault. Through much of the research into children as a conventional psychological thriller aspect, I understood the importance of the costume and Make-up which would inflict fear upon the audience. After researching into other films where children had come back from the dead, I saw common themes such as dark eyes, redness, blood and messy hair as well as dark shadows around the mouth area.maxresdefault.jpgAfter looking at images of these children, I started to map out a simple idea of how i envisioned this character to look and the importance of each detail. Many of the films that I researched into use colour to exemplify themes displayed throughout the narrative. Red is often associated with evil, blood, lust, and violence. Black is also naturally associated with evil, which is the binary opposite of good and love, which white and other light colours often represent. As well as this, blood is iconography for the horror genre and is also a tool in indicating to the audience the story of how the child came to be dead. These dark and unsettling connotations of these colours emphasise the lack of purity, innocence and unpredictable mysterious nature of children.

Typically, young girls are shown with pigtails in their hair as a sign of chastity and to highlight their ‘cute’ nature. Because of this, i felt as though it was important to stick to typical stereotypes of young children when designing the hair design. Pigtails also directly juxtapose the connotations of the make-up and therefore the audience are caused to question the nature of this child. As well as this, throughout the whole film the audience are constantly questioning if this child is a figment of the imagination produced by the mother, due to the connotations of pigtails, the audience are led to believe that if this child does no longer exist,the mother is trying to hold onto the innocence of how she remembers her child.

Although throughout the sequence the audience do not see a full view of Katie’s costume, I felt as though it was necessary for the child to wear a plain black outfit as it symbolised the evil and violence that possessed the child.

special-effects-makeupThe child is also shown to be holding a knife. Weapons have phallic symbolism that suggests power, violence and pure evil. I felt as though a weapon as a prop would be necessary so that the audience fully understood the extent of power that the child has over the mother.

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