166027.ME.0528.tim-burton01.FO.jpg There are many vital roles throughout the process of writing, making and producing a film. Because of this, I felt that it would be important for me to know the roles and fully understand what each role does. Typically, The most important role are shown at the beginning of the opening credits and decrease in importance, before the most important role is shown at the very end, the director.

  • Distribution company
  • Production company
  • Movie star
  • Name of move
  • The top cast
  • Supporting cast
  • Casting director
  • Music composer
  • Art director- set design
  • Costume designer
  • Hair and makeup designer
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • DirectorBelow is the opening title sequence for Insidious (2010). As you can see, this follows the typical structure of an opening title structure. I also intend to follow this structure when creating my own opening title sequence for a horror film