My First experience with
premiere pro was in GCSE Media when editing a news sequence. From there, in AS media and Film Studies I have used it when editing short films or horror sequences. I extremely enjoy video editing and I’m able to spend hours perfecting a simple scene. From the very beginning, I have tried to understand Premiere pro as much as possible so that my final piece could be as well made and professional as possible. To do this, when editing, I have asked as many questions as possible and edited short clips to try things out that I otherwise might not have had the chance to do.

When editing, I realised that I was struggling with colour correction. Due to this, I have focused lots of my time on perfecting this technique through watching Youtube videos outside of school and editing short clips using this technique. Low key lighting is also a typical convention of horror so I knew that it would be a helpful technique to use when editing my final piece. rr1_pp_color-11374247