The first shot is an establishing shot; this is done so that the audience can understand the setting of the film. A fast zoom Is then focused on the island centred on the centre of the lake. At this point, the sequence is in complete silence; this causes tension in the audience. Silence is a typical element of horror as it creates tension and fear- this causes the audience to be very focussed on the narrative. The next shot used is a birds-eye view tracking shot of the car. This causes the audience to understand the significance of the car and imagine the importance of the driver of the car, or the car itself in the narrative. A variety of birds-eye view shots are used in different landscapes. This is done so that the audience understand the extent of the journey. Within all of the shots the landscape shown is bare and deserted, this conveys to the audience the extremity of the isolation and the segregated themes explored within the narrative. The slow paced eerie music is a typical element of horror as it also creates tension within the audience and gives them hints of the creepy and typical horror elements that will be used later on in the film.


The Font within this title screen is very basic, and un-stereotypical. Typically, Horror titles use bold dark font, like the font used in ‘Paranormal activity’ to give the audience a sense of terror and fear before the film has even started. However, The Shining’s titles are very slim and use bright blue colours. This is done to give the audience a false sense of safety and to potentially trick the audience into having unrealistic expectations of how the film will pan out.