The first shot shown to the audience is a white backdrop with san serif black font introducing the production companies, a drop of deep red blood is then shown dropping from above. This is a conventional horror element and therefore helps to portray the genre of the film to the audience. As more companies and names are introduced to the audience, more and more blood is dropped from above, this creates tension with in the audience and is a narrative enigma; it makes the audience question where the blood is coming from. This is also done through the use of using a plain white background, white typically represents cleanliness and tranquillity but is juxtaposed with the typical horror elements, such as blood. The atypical colour white also causes a narrative enigma because the audience are questioning why an atypical element is used.


The camera pans down to show the blood hit the floor, the title of the film is introduced in the same font as before, however, the word ‘psycho’ is in a bold font to highlight the importance of the word and the significance it will have in the film as a whole.

Blood is then shown dribbling more around a plain white surface, a knife is also shown as the camera pans to the side. This again is a typical mise-en-scene element as it portrays danger and fear to the audience.


At this point, orchestral music is at a low and is playing in a variety of paces, this keeps the audience guessing because typically, in horror films, slow, eerie music is laid over the top of shots to cause fear in the audience. However, a sharp sound effect of a knife is used as a knife is slammed through a slab of meat; This gives hints to the audience of the narrative.

At this point, it becomes clear to the audience that the ‘blood’ shown earlier in the sequence is not blood and food, and the sequence Is the creation of a meal. This has given the audience a false sense of trust to the film and therefore are caused to question all of the information given to them throughout the film.

A pan is then showing the other meals that have been placed on the table, this is done to show the audience of the setting and help them to understand the narrative. As a down tilt slowly raises up it shows the identity of the first characters. This is crucial to the narrative because the audience must know who the characters are in order to understand the plot.unknown