The first shot that the audience sees is the man’s emotion through a close up of his face – this highlights to the audience that his emotions will be important to both the plot and the theme of the short film. An extreme close up is used for the same affect. The use of graphics and a green screen are important to helping further the narrative, in this case, an image of the London skyline is used as a background for the man – the mise-en-scene of this helps the audience to set the scene. There are a variety of wide shots used from behind the man, this is to show how small he is, and in tern, his vulnerability.

The use of non-diabetic sound is very impactful as it suggests danger and suspense to the peace, as well as the sound, the pan of the camera to reveal the other mans face, also helps to convey the man’s endangerment. Props such as the gun are used as a typical element in films of a thrilling genre- the use of the prop is used to shock the audience into a reaction.