In our preliminary task we used a range of shots to help forward the narrative. The first two shots are used to track me going through a door, by doing this, the audience feel as though they are also in the scene, and that they’re keeping up with the action. After this, a mid shot with a down tilt is used to show Tayla’s reaction to my appearance, this also helps the audience to understand her emotions and understand the storyline clearer. Throughout the clip there is a range of both single, mid shots and two person mid shots- all of which follow the 180 degree rule. A strength of ours was that we held a strong, steady hand when holding the camera, although in some shots you can see the reflection of the person who was carrying the camera in the glass – this is something that we should assess beforehand. Our use of mise-en-scene was also very strong, our use of props helped to show the storyline and set the location, although we weren’t wearing uniform to show that we were at a school, the props and setting helped to convey this to the audience. In some shots, our positioning could have been stronger, for example; when I became angry at Tayla, I could have come closer to her to show my anger, we also could have used a close up in this scene so that my emotion is more clearly shown. In the editing stage, we chose to keep the narrative linear to make the narrative plot easier to follow, we also chose cut transitions between shots to make it look more clean and polished- also because it fit best within the drama genre of our clip.