IMG_1410.JPGHi, my name is Eve, Welcome to my site. Please browse as you wish, all of my blog posts are categorised to make this easier for you.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself…

My name is Eve Friel and I am currently taking AS media studies. For a long time film making has been a great passion of mine and I am very keen to carry this on through further education. I first started studying media 2 years ago for my GCSE’s, which I achieved an A.

I enjoy keeping up to date in the media within my personal life through films, Television and social media to keep up to date with the vastly growing media within society.

My passion for filmmaking and editing pushes me to always work at the best of my ability and strive for the highest grades possible. My potential for working in the media will keep me interested and positive about working to achieve a high grade in AS media.